cunaki.communications represents original and creative tailor-made communication design for 10 years.

Our fresh and unique style means we constantly explore new territory for different ways of showcasing your ideas, in the most original way possible. – Kai Waldowski & Cornelius VoigtSince our foundation in 2005 we have constantly been building networks with partners for all kinds of challenges, always following one of our main principles: clean-cut communication at eye level is essential for creating a good product.

This way we can guarantee our customers a first-class visual identity and ourselves maximum satisfaction with our products. Not only do you demand high standards, we do so too.

Our work is thereby characterized by an analytic method and the desire to create the new. Our ultimate aim is to deliver excellence and we pride ourselves on our continuing work with all our customers.

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Main fields of expertise

– Communication design, graphic design
– Visual appearances/images, corporate design
– Graphic and content-related concepts for campaigns
– Visualisations
– Concepts for web applications



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