The cardboard curtain

We hacked the #DOK!
We are proud to be part of the #TRIBECA HACKS – Hackathon. Cornelius attended this innovative platform which aims at creative encounters, professional exchange and practical work experience at DOK Leipzig.

New ways, new friends, new experiences – the hackathon isn’t only the project outcome, it is more! The story behind is the story within.

The project „The Cardboard Curtain“ shows the possibilities of technology can force the story. Our programmer Sebastian created a face detecting software, what let us build a user interaction right in to the story. We interrupt the story by typical visual and auditiv superimpositions, only if the user interacts by coming closer the movie can be enjoyed.

„The Cardboard Curtain“ is a project of Malwina Antoniszczak, Martin Czygan, Sebastian Kannegiesser, Robert Wolter and Cornelius Voigt. (beta version)